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Celebrity Cyber Report – P-Diddy, Rihanna and Drake

P-Diddy’s New Album


Sean “Puffy” Combs

That rapper with many names, P-Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, or just Diddy, is releasing his latest mix tape on iTunes this Friday. The new collection, entitled ‘MMMfor “Money Making Mitch”, was released free on November 4th. Both rapper and businessman, Sean Combs has decided to celebrate his 46th birthday by getting back to his roots, New York, and its unique hip-hop sound. In addition to the mix tape Combs also released a black and white documentary explaining how the new release took him back to the streets of Harlem where he got his start in the hip-hop genre.

P-Diddy surprised his many fans by releasing ‘MMM’ on Spotify and Apple Music for his 46th birthday. “MMM is a thank you to my fans and is just the beginning, a prelude to what will be my final album, No Way Out 2.”  Final album!  Wait…what?

Diddy brought together  a super star collection for the ‘MMM’ release that includes collaborations with Future, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil’ Kim, Jadakiss, and others.

Combs interviewed with Billboard magazine and explained that ‘MMM’ is his way of “reintroducing himself” before he puts out his next full-length CD. “MMM is returning back to my roots and my style of production, hip-hop soul with that R&B side and flavor to it.  A real New York hip-hop sound.”
No release date has been announced for what maybe Combs final work but look for it in 2016. The question remains; is this really his final album? What’s his next career move? Only the ‘Puff Daddy’ knows.

Rihanna’s New Album



Singer, song writer, actress and sex symbol Rihanna is coming out with her latest album on Friday…allegedly. But where can you find it? The new release entitled “Anti” is coming exclusively to Tidal music service. Tidal is the troubled music service purchased and managed by Jay-Z and owned jointly by many different artist. The songstress has not named an official release date.

Along with the new album release is a new mobile only website called ANTIdiaRy that allows her fans to hear short clips of the albums tracks.

Although the track list has not been officially released it is rumored that her most recent single cuts including Bitch Better Have My Money, FourFiveSeconds and American Oxygen are likely to be on the new album. Rhianna has also announced a U.S. and European tour in the spring and summer of 2016.

Drake Ain’t Dead

DRakeIf it’s one thing the Internet is good for and that is spreading bad information. The latest Internet lie is that Drake, the Canadian born singer, rapper and music producer is dead. He ain’t!

No one is sure where the lie originated but the sad part is that many legitimate news sources have fallen for the hoax including Yahoo News. The lie was originally found on the Buzzfeed Community post. The site has since pulled the story. It gets even more ridiculous when you find out that a Facebook page sprang up named “R.I.P Drake” and received more than a million likes! Really?

 This not the first time Drake was declared dead and probably not the last. Oh, and did you hear that Lamar Odom is dead? No he’s not! African American Cyber Report rule # 10; Everything on the Internet is real; just not always true.

Celebrity Cyber News – Jay-Z, Erykah Badu



In another bold move it seems Jay-Z is going hard into streaming content with the release of  two original television programs through his Tidal service. 

Money and Violence, is about criminals in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood, turf familiar to the New York native. The show’s creator and star is Moise Verne. The show itself has a significant following  on YouTube. Tidal will have exclusive rights to the show for a week before it is released for wider distribution.

Tidal’s second show is a standup comedy venture named No Small Talk. According to host Cipha Sounds the show, like Def Comedy Jam, will highlight up and coming comedians “My goal is to help new guys get known,  Sounds told Variety magazine.

Since Jay-Z purchased the Tidal music streaming service earlier this year he has seen some serious set backs. His original intention was to offer a music streaming service that was owned by some the biggest artists in the music industry.

It has been a rocky beginning with the streaming service losing several executives. But the rapper/businessman/entreprenuer is not backing down from the fight to be a relevant force in the online streaming game. Recently Jay-Z was seen leaving the headquarters of Samsung Research America in Silicon Valley leading to rumors of a potential blockbuster deal with the tech company and Apple’s biggest rival.

Streaming content, be it music, television or movies is a cut throat business with some serious heavyweights fighting for supremacy. Its obvious that Jay-Z is not afraid of a good fight.


Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu recently Periscop-ed her latest single “Phone Down” to a live audience using the Periscope app.  

So what is Periscope? Twitter’s Periscope app allows users to live broadcast their lives to an Internet audience.  Users of the app can stream live video from their smartphone allowing viewers to look at what’s happening anywhere at any given time. Video can be viewed either on a mobile device, through the app, or on a laptop or computer, via the Periscope website.

Badu broadcast herself driving around Las Vegas singing along with her new song as it blasted from the car’s speakers and talking with people on the street.  If you missed it  you can watch a replay of the stream hereBadu is working on a new mixtape called “But U Caint Use My Phone”


Rap & Hip-Hop Artists Invest in Technology

Rap and hip-hop music has become an artistic and economic power. Rap artists have become cultural icons and trendsetters. These black men rose from the hard streets of the inner city to the glass covered corporate towers of American business. Along the way they raked in billions of dollars investing everything from jeans to vodka to water. Black rap artists, with little or no college education, are proving they are top notch businessmen. And now these brothas have set their sites on the technology sector.

NAS_2_1024Rapper Nas, whose real name is Nasir Bin Olu Daren Jones, has accumulated a $20 million dollar fortune. The rapper invested in technology by becoming a key backer of the technology start up that created the Fixed app. The smartphone app helps the user fight parking tickets.  Nas  invested in another San Francisco technology company called Proven. The company makes an app that helps job seekers apply to online job postings through their smartphones. Nas said in an interview, “Jobs are a concern for the nation and Proven is all about that, so I’m all about Proven.”

Nas and his manager, Aymen Anthony Saleh, are not shy when it comes to the technology game. Since 2013, the two invested their own capital into 40 startup technology companies. These companies stretch across the spectrum of services and ecommerce including fashion, business communications and even healthy eating. Nas strongly believes in diversifying his start up investments.

kovvers-rapper-ti_071312094730Rapper TI has invested in a start up known as
YOPIMA which stands for “Your Opinion Matters.” TI dropped a healthy $600,000 on this latest app for searching out entertainment. It allows the user to read what the clubs are like in whatever city they may find themselves. Users can decide where to go and what to do based on things like whether you’re hitting a bar or event based on a number of factors, like drink specials and V.I.P. privileges.


Bruno-MarsFunk artist Bruno Mars jumped aboard the music startup Chromatik which makes digital versions of sheet music for both the web and iPad. Bruno also invested in electronic cigarette company NJOY. A product he personally uses.





GTY_jay-z_nt_131025_16x9_992Unquestioned rap mogul Jay-Z recently acquired Swedish tech company Aspiro for $56 million. Jay-Z is breaking into the hot music streaming market against such powerhouse services like SpotifyAspiro operates WiMP  and hi-def service Tidal. These streaming services target committed audiophiles by offering daily track recommendations, curated playlists and interviews with artists. The music and audio streams and download in the FLAC format.

Jay-Z is not limiting his tech investments to music related businesses. He also invested in Duracell’s Powermat that charges batteries for smartphones and other mobile devices. He also partnered with Will Smith to kick-off the popular video-sharing app Viddy.


dr__dre_detox_my_art_about_new_album_by_drzechu-d5nehlyDr. Dre, hip-hop’s first billionaire, got that way by selling his Beats headphones business to Apple.  The rap icon and his business partner, Jimmy Iovine, sealed a $3 billion deal with Apple Inc.  Dre and Iovine are getting $2.6 billion in cash, $400 million in Apple stock and jobs with the company. 

The Apple CEO Tim Cook  hasn’t said what exactly Dr. Dre would be doing in his Apple job. But what he did say was the Beats music streaming service is a powerful selling point. Beats expects to put Apple, the world’s biggest seller of music, into the lucrative streaming music business. Beats will compete with YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and Jay-Z’s new music streaming acquisition.  Dre, a product of the hard streets of Compton, CA, helped turn rappers Eminem and 50 Cent into huge stars as a producer.


50-cent-before-i-self-destruct_1As always there is the problem of dealing with people who don’t take rappers seriously when it comes to investing. Rapper 50 Cents, who reportedly made $100 million from his VitaminWater investment, waited patiently to put his money into Gunnar Optiks. The company makes various types of glasses designed for today’s digital lifestyle. One pair helps reduce eye strain associated with staring at LCD screens all day long.  Gunnar Optiks originally only wanted a celebrity endorsement deal with 50 Cent. But the rapper said, “Come on, I don’t know what you take me for but let me be a proper investor.”

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Obama; The First Cyber President

Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaPresident Obama can lay claim to the title of America’s first cyber president. Since his first election victory as our Commander-in-Chief the president has demonstrated the power of cyber space and using social media to connect with voters, raise money and address issues. As president he has stepped up to address cybersecurity issues facing the nation.

Beginning with his first presidential campaign the Obama camp seized cyber space high ground by using social media to connect with younger voters and spark grass root movements.

 The Obama campaign had the advantage from the beginning by hiring 24 year old Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook,  as a key social media strategist.  Hughes’ social media strategy was simply unstoppable from social networking sites to podcasting and mobile messaging.

Candidate Obama was rarely seen without his BlackBerry throughout the campaign. The Obama campaign leveraged every possible social media platform including Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, BlackPlanet, LinkedIn, AsianAve, MiGente, Glee, and many others. In the new era of cyber and social media campaigns McCain never had a chance.

Against Romney the Obama campaign had an established social media machine. The Romney campaign was not as inept as McCain’s but they could not achieve the traction that the Democrats had. The Romney campaign required as many as 22 approvals for a single Twitter message. Contrast that with the Obama campaign that used Twitter quickly and creatively.

In his first administration President Obama stepped up to the plate to recognize the need for cybersecurity and protection of American prosperity. In his May 2009 speech the president showed he was solidly focused on cyber security.  

“America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity.”

President Obama-2009

Under the president’s leadership the administration has moved the nation toward enhancing cybersecurity through the following initiatives;

  • 2009, 60-day Cyberspace Policy Review, spearheaded by Melissa Hathaway, who recommended a number of ways to enhance U.S.cybersecurity efforts. One of which was the creation of a Cybersecurity Coordinator position within the White House.
  • 2009, Obama  named Howard Schmidt to the position.
  • U.S. Cyber Command was established in June of 2009. U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) is responsible for America’s defensive and offensive cyberwar capabilities. Under President Obama the unit is expected to see a 500% manpower increase from 2014 through 2016.
  • The FBI has started to embed cyber investigators abroad with foreign police units in the Ukraine, Estonia, and Holland.
  • 2009, President Obama initiated a 60-day interagency cyber security review to develop a strategic framework to ensure the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) is being appropriately integrated, resourced, and coordinated with Congress and the private sector.
  • 2009, Homeland Security Department released a draft of a government plan to designate the roles and responsibilities of agencies and industry in responding to cyber incidents.
  • 2010 Senator Joe Lieberman (D, CT) introduced the Cyberspace as a National Asset Act. It became known as President Obama’s Internet kill switch. The bill would permit President Obama, at his discretion, to declare a “national cyber-emergency.”  This authority would include limiting or even cutting off connections to the World Wide Web for up to 30 days. The bill is extremely controversial and has not been signed into law even though it has bi-partisan support.
  • 2013 President Obama signs Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.
  • 2014 President Obama signs five cyber security bill into law
    • Federal Information Modernization Act
    • Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act.
    • Cyber Security Workforce Assesement Act.
    • National Cybersecurity Protection Act.
    • Cybersecurity Enhancement Act.
  • 2015 President Obama establishes the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center to combat cyber attacks. Its mission will be to fuse intelligence from around the government when a crisis occurs.

Just last week President Obama gave the keynote address at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University. The president called cybersecurity the most serious economic national security challenge the country faces today.

President Obama presented his basic principles for dealing with threats to cybersecurity, consumer privacy and emphasized the importance of the government and private sectors working together to eliminate the threat.

The President presented a number of policy proposals and asked Congress to pass legislation including finally establishing a national data breach notification standard. If passed Americans will be notified within 30 days if their information has been stolen. He also proposed the Student Digital Privacy Act and a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights that would give Americans a baseline of protections, like the right to decide what personal data companies collect and the right to know how companies are using that information. Finally the President signed an Executive Order Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing.  

From his first day on the presidential campaign trail to last week’s cyber summit President Obama has shown he understands the incredible impact of the Internet as a communications and economic tool. There is no doubt that his campaign strategy will be studied by political strategist far into the future.Historians will also consider his election the turning point of election communications.  History will remember him as not only the first African-American president but also the first cybersecurity president. 

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