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Ime Archibong Hooking Up Facebook


Ime Archibong

Facebook, the world’s biggest and most powerful social network, hooks up people with people.  Ime Archibong hooks up Facebook with the world. As Facebook’s director of product partnerships Archibong has a dual mission, one, making sure Internet access is affordable and two, raising awareness of the benefits of being online.

Mark Zuckerberg launched Internet.org two and half years ago in a Herculean effort to connect everyone in the world to the web. Zuckerberg calculates that nearly 4.9 billion people are not connected. Roughly 10 to 15 percent of these people live in hard-to-reach places completely without access. Another major obstacle is Internet affordability. Many impoverished people simply have a hard enough time eating every day.

Archibong is leading the effort to change this. “If your mission is to create a world where people are more connected and people have the power to share, and you’re aiming to connect everyone, you can’t just stop at the folks that are here in North America or the folks that are on the Internet right now, because we are actually in the minority worldwide,” said Archibong. “The question is how do you get those next 4 billion people, who have never been connected, online and make sure they can get the same benefits, tools and experience that you and I are privy to, as a result of having connectivity.”

Internet.org has a varied strategy to get everyone online. Facebook has cut deals with phone carriers in various countries to make over 300 basic web services available for free; Facebook included. Through a research and development  group called the Connectivity Lab, Facebook is developing futuristic methods to deliver the net, including lasers, drones, and new artificial intelligence enhanced software. The technology, once perfected, will be open source allowing others to commercialize it.

Connectivity Lab’s work is a top priority for Zuckerberg.  Among his plan is to launch a satellite above sub-Saharan Africa by year’s end. Drone testing is also scheduled to begin soon. Facebook’s artificial intelligence mapping software will help determine where people need their phones to work. Facebook has deployed a team of developers to inland villages in an effort to hack together methods for getting people online.

Zuckerberg has been roundly criticized for his effort. Critics have accused him of an attempt to colonize the Internet believing he can do a better job than governments and major corporations of connecting people to the Internet.

Among Archibong’s responsibilities is traveling the world meeting with Facebook’s community of 9,000 developers spread out across 136 companies.

“One of the things we spend a lot of time doing is trying to think about the platforms we can build that ultimately will serve global entrepreneurs and developers, because we do think that they are the ones, they have the context, they understand the nuances, they understand what they should be building that’s going to best serve the local communities,” said Archibong.

“Meeting and talking with a lot of these folks trying to get context about what’s special to them, what’s special about their region … and what we can do from a Facebook perspective to arm them with the tools, the data, with the information to help serve their community a little better.”

Archibong is optimistic about Facebook’s  efforts to give billions more people access to the Internet. “I have this notion that people create special things when they’re able to connect with each other and understand each other,” said Archibong. “Some of these future platforms that we’re leaning into are truly going to unlock that value for people around the world, and change the way that we interact with each other, change the way that we interact with devices and actually change the way that devices connect with devices.”

Ime Archibong was born the child of Nigerian immigrants in Kansas and raised in North Carolina. Both his parents are professors. He graduated from Yale where he played on the basketball team and double majored in electrical engineering and computer science.

Archibong previously worked at IBM as a software engineer.


Black Women and Online Dating


Valentine’s Day is near and there are a lot of sistas left out in the cold on the day of love. Black women are the least coupled and least dated of all races and the problem is getting worse. Is online dating the answer? Black men have embraced interracial dating. Is it time for black women to do the same?


Why are black women single?

First, few single black women said they were looking for long-term relationships (LTRs). But single black men, almost 43 percent according to a 2013 National Public Radio poll, said they are looking for a long-term partner. A Yale University study found that 42 percent of African-American women in the United States were unmarried.

NPR surveyed African-American singles between 18 and 49 years who were divorced, widowed or never married on a wide variety of topics. These questions touched on communities, finance and dating. The question we are most interested in is, are you currently seeking a long-term romantic commitment?

Majorities of single black women and men said they weren't looking for long-term relationships.

The majority of African-American men and women, 57 percent, said they were not looking for a LTR. So the question must be asked, are single black people even interested in a LTR? It would appear not.

There is no shortages of theories about this phenomenon. Some black women blame interracial dating while others say a racist criminal justice system that imprisons black men in horrendous numbers is to blame. Still others blame drugs, disease, economic factors, gay black men being on the “down-low” and even black churches for keeping black women single.

Some black women believe that the skills learned to be a successful professional do not equate to being a successful mate. J.J. Smith a black woman and a dating and relationship expert says “Our credentials don’t attract men.” Smith published a potent list of reasons why black women are single on the BlackNewsOne.com website.

What is happening to black relationships?

Courtesy: Samuiblue

Courtesy: Samuiblue

Black men and women struggle to relate and communicate with one another. As a result black women are finding it hard to find a worthy mate. Why? The U.S. Census revealed that there are 1.8 million more black women than black men. Black women graduate high school and college at a greater rate than black men. Black women are also more likely to be employed in professional occupations than black men and are higher income earners.

And when they do meet a black man of interest they have to deal with his emotional or past challenges with another black woman and vice-versa. As a black man myself I have dated women whom I have had to deal with the damage and garbage the last brother left her with.

Black women on the other hand will say, “I’m not going to raise a grown man.” Black women will  become turned off when the man seems unable to “handle his business.”  A black woman shuts down quickly when she feels like she’s starting to settle or lower her standards in the relationship. For strong black women their guard goes up and they begin to move away, quickly if necessary. There is advice for black men dealing with strong black women .

Economic and educational differences between black men and women create problems managing power and expectations in a relationship. Does a black woman need to be submissive to her man? Is a black man’s pride threatened by a strong, educated, assertive black woman? The issues and questions are powerful and often answered only in individual situations.

 Is online dating the answer?

Black women have it tough even on the Internet. According to OKCupid.com men replied to e-mails sent by African-American women less often than notes sent by women of other races. Men, including black men, respond to African-American women at about a 20 percent lower rate than others.

Ama Yawson founder of LoveEssence.com said “I don’t think we should take these statistics too seriously. Black people who go to a main stream site like OKCupid.com aren’t necessarily black people who are interested in meeting other black people online.”

AKl-MiaTSome black women who venture into online dating for the first time admit they refrain from sending e-mails to men fearing they may not get a response. But that’s not to say that black women are being rejected across all dating sites. Other dating sites such as BlackPeopleMeet.com are where black women find themselves in greater demand. Men from all races join African-American dating sites to meet single black women.

But strangely some black women said they receive more messages from black men on interracial dating sites than they do from men of other races. Experts say that black women who are interested in meeting a mate need to cast a wider net. Don’t limit your search or profile to a single website when looking for love. Black women are also encouraged to not let the negative information about your chances at finding love online discourage you.

Ron Worthy, Executive Director of BlackPeopleMeet.com, said that the black singles dating market is fast growing and effective. “In an ever wired society, online dating has become recognized as one of the most effective ways for people to meet and black singles are one of the fastest growing populations in this segment. As the population migrates from urban centers to suburban settings, an online community acts as a common meeting ground, a place to gather and find each other. Compared to traditional methods of meeting other singles, online dating offers the greatest pool of potential relationship partners, and its certainly the most affordable option in today’s difficult economy.”

Should black women date interracially? 

Research indicates that this may not be a good option either.  Segregation thrives in online romance. Researchers at the UC Berkeley found that it is highly unlikely that whites initiate contact with black people.

The UC Berkeley study revealed that 80 percent of communication initiated by whites went to other whites with only 3 percent going to African-Americans. Black people were ten times more likely to contact whites.  And black men were more likely to contact white women than black but only slightly.

The study revealed black women were the least likely of all groups to be contacted. But the study also revealed  that although black women were more likely than white women to contact a man of another race their primary choice was black men. 

Is it even a choice?

Even though black men are dating interracially, black women seem to be forbidden the same choice. It seems that black people are not accepting of black women dating other races. Even fictional characters are not immune to criticism. Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, the central character in the television series ‘Scandal‘ is routinely attacked online for having a fictional affair with the show’s married, white president of the United States.

“People don’t understand. They think it’s no big deal, but it is,” said Christelyn Karazin, co-author with Janice Roshalle Littlejohn of the book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture and Creed.”

“Black men date or marry interracially at more than double the level women do,” she said. They are given a pass. They can date anyone they want to — black women, white women.”

But do black women want to date white men? What are the reasons black women don’t choose to date outside their race?

So what is a sister going to do? Damned if you do! Damned if you don’t! When it comes to romance, relationships, sex and life black women are in a nearly impossible position.

Black women understand beyond anything I can write here what is happening. And if you think they are going to just give up you would be wrong.

Now you know