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App of the Week – WeConnect

palalinqAddiction is a serious personal problem. Let me correct myself. Addiction is a life or death internal war. Finding help and building a support network is vital to living beyond the addiction. That is why  “WeConnect” is the App of the Week.

WeConnect is an app-based platform that puts support for the recovering addict right in the palm of their  hands. And for the struggling addict that could be a miracle when they need it most.

Addiction in America is a frightening problem. A 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that there are an estimated 23 million Americans, some as young as 12 years old, using illegal drugs. The survey also reported an estimated 22.2 million persons age 12 or older were classified with substance dependence or abuse in the past year. For Black people the addiction problem is especially acute. These stats from a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) are tragic.

  • The rate of illegal drug use in the last month among African Americans ages 12 and up in 2014 was 12.4%, compared to the national average of 10.2%.
  • The rate of binge drinking (drinking five or more drinks on a single occasion for men) among African Americans ages 12 and up was 21.6%–compared with the national average of 23%.
  • African Americans ages 12 to 20 in 2014 reported past-month alcohol use at a rate of 17.3%, compared with the national average of 22.8%. Past-month underage binge drinking was 8.5% for African American youth, while the national average was 13.8%.

And in case you haven’t heard there is also a deadly heroin and opioid epidemic sweeping the nation.

WeConnect offers context-sensitive notifications to encourage timely communication within support groups. The apps dashboard view structures the user’s day with activities that are vital to his or her recovery such as prayer or meditation. WeConnect provides ongoing tracking of the recovering addicts progress. This is another vital function as every addict understands the concept of one day at a time.  The app can help track attendance at recovery program meetings. Addicts are master liars. Anyone who has dealt with one knows this. WeConnect tries to cut down on the lies and deception with functions that include using geofencing to determine if the addict really attended a particular meeting and even how long they spent there.

If you know an addict or are one yourself you know the struggle. And you also know some days are worse than others. WeConnect includes an SOS button a user can press to send an immediate and urgent message seeking help and support from pre-selected contacts. 

WeConnect also offers a rewards element built in to the app that allows users  to earn things like coffee coupons and yoga lessons as they advance in their recovery and progress towards a life free of substance abuse.

Currently WeConnect is in beta testing stage but that does not mean if you are an addict you cannot get help from this app. To become an early adapter click here.

Support Black Businesses at WeBuyBlack.com

By Bria Richardson, AACR Intern

webuyblackHow often do you support black businesses? Black people often choose convenience over seeking out African-American businesses. That isn’t really a bad thing but for black people sometimes the most convenient thing isn’t the best thing for our hair, skin or even our personal style.

As a person of color we have to sometimes shop differently. And who knows better about the things a person of color needs than a person of color? In order to start making effective changes within the African-American economy we have to start by supporting black businesses.

Webuyblack.com has over 1500 products to choose from including, clothing, shoes, accessories, natural hair products, natural hygiene products, books, restaurants and much, much more.

This site has everything a man or women of color could possibly need. A percentage of every dollar spent on the site will go to a black nonprofit. Support a business that is supporting you and everyone wins in the end.

As black people if we want to see a change we have to start doing things on our own. I’m not saying you have to stop eating at your favorite restaurant or stop shopping at your favorite store because it isn’t black owned. But you can support black owned businesses a little more each day and webuyblack.com is your guide and source for black owned businesses and products. Besides who wouldn’t want to shop at a place that has the exact kind of shampoo you need for your natural hair? Or a place that knows exactly what kind of soap will bring out the radiance of your brown skin?

Try out “We Buy Black” at https://webuyblack.com/

Or visit their IG at: @webuyblack