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Breach Brief – SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Bank has reported a data breach that may have compromised the personal information of up to 1.5 million customers. According to reports the bank believes a former employee may have stolen customer information to give to a criminal third party.

SunTrust first became aware of improper access to customer records in February. An internal investigation implicated the ex-employee for the alleged theft. According to the Wall Street Journal the employee tried to print the records and share them with a “criminal third party.”

According to SunTrust the names, addresses, phone numbers and account balances of 1.5 million customers were breached. However the bank does not believe that Social Security numbers, account numbers, passwords, and driver’s license information were accessed. SunTrust also stated that there’s no indication that fraudulent activity has occurred with the affected accounts.

The bank has begun  the process of contacting customers whose info may have been compromised. SunTrust is also planing to provide free identity protection to all its customers whether they have been impacted by the breach or not. 

SunTrust customers can go to this website to see if they are affected by the breach.

The incident is under investigation and the bank continues to work closely with law enforcement and outside experts.

Safer Online Shopping with Burner Credit Cards

visa-full-colour-reverseAfrican-Americans hold almost a trillion dollars in buying power.  Much of that money is spent online. Black people do more online shopping than any other group and as a result we are more vulnerable to retail tracking and credit card fraud.  

Privacy and security is hard to come by in the digital age. Seems like everything is stored in somebody’s database and tracked; and these are the good guys.  The bad guys are hacking something everyday. Your credit card information is always vulnerable to theft. If it is stolen you get stuck with the hassle of calling your bank for a new one, or waiting to see if yours is misused. 

A new service known as Privacy.com lets you create virtual, disposable credit card numbers or burner cards, that deactivate instantly if stolen. Privacy.com actually creates a disposable card number that protects your security and privacy when you shop online. Privacy.com is a VISA card that can be used at any online store or anywhere VISA debit cards or gift cards are accepted. The cards are locked to a single merchant and you can make it a single-use or set transaction or monthly spending limits on them. The Privacy.com burner card does not require a credit check because it is not a credit card but works like a debit card. Spending limits are set at $1,000 a day and $2,000 a month.

Money on the card come directly from your selected account but the merchant does not see your account number or the credit cad number. The transaction process is completely anonymous.

People choosing to use the Privacy.com cards need to have an account at one of the following financial institutions;

According to the Privacy.com website the number of banks is growing. If you don’t see your bank on this list send them an email at  hello@privacy.com.

The Privacy.com service is only supported on  Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox and the app is available in the iOS App store. The company is working on getting other browsers on board with the service. 

Now you know.