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Celebrity Cyber News – Jay-Z, Erykah Badu



In another bold move it seems Jay-Z is going hard into streaming content with the release of  two original television programs through his Tidal service. 

Money and Violence, is about criminals in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood, turf familiar to the New York native. The show’s creator and star is Moise Verne. The show itself has a significant following  on YouTube. Tidal will have exclusive rights to the show for a week before it is released for wider distribution.

Tidal’s second show is a standup comedy venture named No Small Talk. According to host Cipha Sounds the show, like Def Comedy Jam, will highlight up and coming comedians “My goal is to help new guys get known,  Sounds told Variety magazine.

Since Jay-Z purchased the Tidal music streaming service earlier this year he has seen some serious set backs. His original intention was to offer a music streaming service that was owned by some the biggest artists in the music industry.

It has been a rocky beginning with the streaming service losing several executives. But the rapper/businessman/entreprenuer is not backing down from the fight to be a relevant force in the online streaming game. Recently Jay-Z was seen leaving the headquarters of Samsung Research America in Silicon Valley leading to rumors of a potential blockbuster deal with the tech company and Apple’s biggest rival.

Streaming content, be it music, television or movies is a cut throat business with some serious heavyweights fighting for supremacy. Its obvious that Jay-Z is not afraid of a good fight.


Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu recently Periscop-ed her latest single “Phone Down” to a live audience using the Periscope app.  

So what is Periscope? Twitter’s Periscope app allows users to live broadcast their lives to an Internet audience.  Users of the app can stream live video from their smartphone allowing viewers to look at what’s happening anywhere at any given time. Video can be viewed either on a mobile device, through the app, or on a laptop or computer, via the Periscope website.

Badu broadcast herself driving around Las Vegas singing along with her new song as it blasted from the car’s speakers and talking with people on the street.  If you missed it  you can watch a replay of the stream hereBadu is working on a new mixtape called “But U Caint Use My Phone”


Celebrity Cyber News – Online Music

Celebrity Cyber News is a new feature of the African-American Cyber Report.  This section will feature news and updates of black celebrities making news in the cyber world.


GTY_jay-z_nt_131025_16x9_992Rap mogul Jay-Z seems to be plotting a new direction for his online music service Tidal. According to Variety Jay-Z was recently seen leaving the Silicon Valley offices of Samsung Research America.

Although there is no definitive news as to what may be in the plans between these two entities some industry watchers believe a deal is in the works.

Both musc streaming services seam to be struggling. Samsung owns Milk Video and rumors are that it may be ready to go under.  And Samsung’s attempt to compete with Spotify with its Milk Music is also struggling and dumping employees.

Meanwhile Tidal has its own challenges losing top executives  and fighting a $50 million dollars suit and criticism from artists. But Jay-Z let it be known he is not yet ready to give up on the service.

Co-owner Madonna said in a recent interview with the Associated Press: “It’s just the beginning, so we’re working out a lot of kinks …we’re going to build something unique and amazing that’s going to attract a lot of people.”

If you’re wondering where the money will come from if such a deal were to take place consider this. A Samsung/Tidal deal would make sense for Jay-Z since Samsung could offer Tidal a huge distribution audience by pre-loading the Tidal app on Samsung smartphones. Samsung would get a boost from Jay-Z’s powerful name recognition. The electronics maker could offer its customers a more robust on demand music experience than Milk Music currently offers and put intself in the streaming music game on par with its arch rival Apple. Samsung has not commented on any possible deal.

A quick side note, Jay-Z may have forgotten he even owned Tidal. During testimony in a court case the rapper and businessman was aksed to state his occupation. Jay-Z listed numerous business interests but was reminded that he also owned Tidal. The rapper responded, “Oh yeah! I forgot that.”


Usher-ConfessionsArtists, especialy rap artist, are almost obligated to make a political statement. Usher has shown he is in touch with the streets where his fans reside by releasing an interactive video on Jay-Z’s Tidal service.

Usher, know for his smooth R&B ballads and powerful rap hits, is focusing on the harsh realities of police brutality. The singer has released a visual and audio experience entitledDon’t Look Away.” The song focuses on the recent spate of high-profile killings by of police of blacks and minorities. The video uses Usher’s new single “Chains” featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly. When watching and listening to the video with your webcam it will automatically stop playing if you look away or switch tabs that show the details of the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, and others. A powerful political stament and a clever way to get you watch the video to the end.

According to Tidal all proceeds from the song will be donated to a “Donor Advised Fund” administered by social justice organization, Sankofa.org.

Kanye West

kanyeWith no prior announcement Kanye West released two tracks through his SoundCloud page. The cuts included a remix of  his 2008 hit “Say What You Will” featuring experimental music composer Caroline Shaw, and a brand new song called “When I See It.”  The song expands on The Weeknd’s 2015 cut “Tell Your Friends”, produced by West. Does the release of these tracks indicate more new music coming from West in the near future? Only Kanye can answer that question but any new music from the fertile mind of the hip-hop master is news.