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Celebrity Cyber Report – Ludacris


Rapper Ludacris
is introducing a new mobile word game that recognizes slang.

The Grammy-winning rapper hooked up with Edwin Benton to drop  Slang N’ Friendz. The phone based game “gives players of all ages the chance to communicate using their favorite words by incorporating a dictionary database of slang words compiled from across the globe.”

Slang N’ Friendz recognizes words that are commonly thought of as slang. The free game is meant to encourage players to use both traditional as well as more hip words. The game is meant to remain up to date with both cultural and traditional language changes because there are nearly no rules and players can customize and even add new words to the game’s database.

Benton, the CEO and founder of Slang N’ Friendz said of the game, “Our goal is to provide users with a fun, compelling and un-intimidating word game where they can be themselves, learn and represent where they come from. Our purpose is to connect people across the world and allow users to engage with someone they wouldn’t normally meet. Slang is universal and could be the driving factor that brings us together and one day, possibly change the world.”

Getting the game is fairly simple just download the free app and get connected to players all over the globe. Players can choose to play against anybody with the app, a friend, or even on your own. Similar to Scrabble, Words with Friends, or other popular word games, you will be able to place your given letter tiles on a board to form a word. The difference with Slang N’ Friendz is what exactly is as a word?

“In a time when so much of the world is divided, technology has the opportunity to bring us together. Slang N’ Friendz encourages users to connect, be friendly and identify what they have in common through language,” Ludacris said. “It’s also a chance for different generations to learn about each other’s unique forms of communication and find ways to use language to bridge generation gaps.”

Ludacris, aka Christopher Bridges, is not new to the tech game. He first jumped in in September 2015 when he dropped the delivery app Roadie to get into the emerging peer-to-peer shipping market. Ludacris, like many black artists and athletes, understand that technology is the future and are aware of the huge benefits of investing in that sector. 

Being a savvy business man Ludacris has continued to invest in tech companies but won’t show his hand by telling his business. 

Slang N’ Friendz is available for  Apple and Android devices

Breaking It Down

This is a powerful idea that has great potential and I think Ludicris and Benton get it. We live in an age, especially in the United States, where cultural changes are often reflected in the language.  Learning and understanding this dynamic leads to less misunderstanding of not only words but intentions. Young people adapt to linguistic changes and quickly incorporate then into everyday conversation. Its called slang. But slang takes on a life of its own and becomes part of everyday speech. You feel me? Playing Slang N’ Friendz is buildng a bridge not just across generations, but cultures and even oceans. Some might feel I am pumping this game up but I’m just being real with you.

App of the Week – Grocery Gadget

8022be36-dad3-4574-81a3-16d91b30e02bYou really don’t get busy until you have to manage a family. Many African-American families are trying to manage children, work, school activities and recreation activities. For two parents this is a major job. For single parents the task becomes monumental. Throw in grocery shopping and it becomes an bigger challenge. Thats why Grocery Gadget is the App of the Week.

Grocery Gadget will help families simplify shopping.  The productivity mobile app works along with the online portal to help you save time and money in the home, and at the grocery store.

At home the app saves you time by allowing you to enter your regular grocery items in the app or portal. Input the items and quantities you keep on the shelves or pantry. When you are ready just add the amount you need. Items you don’t need you leave simply leave at zero. You can share this list across multiple devices allowing the family to work as a team.

Other features of the app include;

  • Take photos of the items you need and share them so your spouse won’t pick the wrong thing.
  • Import recipe ingredients – Make sure you have what you need.
  • Compare prices of grocery items – Buy  your groceries at the best possible price. Best store prices will appear in green.
  • Search for coupons – Find e-coupons offers for the items you buy. You can ddd them to your store loyalty card with a single click. Grocery Gadget works with 28 participating chains including Safeway and Kroger.
  • Import data from other apps – Access the portal to import data from other applications such as  CSV, GroceryIQ, Shopper, Groceries, and others.

Grocery Gadget  is available for $2.99  on Apple ,Windows and Blackberry platforms. Android and Nokia are temporarily unavailable. 


App of the Week – HeartThis

163901-9e310a0a4f0a82a5101c5c254f62e9ec-medium_jpgWhen it comes to shopping online the African-American shopper is ready, willing and able. A new study of African-American consumers revealed that black people use mobile devices for shopping more than the general population. African-American shoppers are leading the way when it comes to using their mobile devices to shop according to Target Market News. African-Americans use smartphone and other mobile devices to comparison shop, price match, and research product details.  Black people take their product research to the next level by also investigating the product in the store and are actually more likely to buy online.That is why HeartThis is the App of the Week.

HeartThis shopping app allows the user to shop more than 330 stores.  The store available include Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J. Crew, Target, and others. Not only can you shop but the app also shows you if there are any promo codes available to save you a few additional dollars.

To get started with HeartThis, the user selects their favorite stores and categories of apparel including active wear, shoes, bags, accessories or swimwear. This creates a customized feed of items in a Pinterest like layout. The user then “hearts” the items they like adding it to their collection. If the user decides to buy the item they can do so with a tap of the “Buy” button that directs them to the retailer.

HeartThis is different from its mobile shopping app competitors because it doesn’t just offer high-end stores. The app is also helpful to the online budget conscious shopper by providing an alternative way to shop from mainstream stores like Target and those at your local mall and online retailers like Amazon and others. Budget shoppers will appreciate HeartThis’s ability to track down promo codes saving them time hunting for the best deal.

HeartThis is free and available on Apple.