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Celebrity Cyber Report – Dennis Rodman, Drake and Kanye

Dennis Rodman and PotCoin.

Smoking weed has always been big business. And now it is also slowly becoming a very legitimate business. Anytime Microsoft comes looking for a piece of the pie you know its legit.

Dennis Rodman has stepped into the weed game endorsing a new virtual currency to pay for your weed. Rodman showed up in North Korea on a ticket paid for by PotCoin. A new digital currency that bills itself as “Banking for the Marijuana Industry.” Rodman Tweeted a thank you to PotCoin for “financing his mission.”

PotCoin issued a press release announcing the “mission.” According to PotCoin Rodman will tell us all about it when he returns to the states. But we would be remiss if we did not point out that smoking weed is perfectly legal in North Korea. Something I am certain those nice folks at PotCoin are well aware of.

Sporting a PotCoin-branded t-shirt and baseball cap, Rodman released a short video  touting his visit as “all about peace.” This is not the first time Rodman has promoted a company by visiting the most closed country on earth.  Previously Rodman’s visit to the North was sponsored by an Irish betting company. Of course with this visit PotCoin crypto-currency shot up in value.

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Drake and Kanye Under Hack Attack

 Hackers love celebrities. So why not Drake and Kanye? According to reports a group calling itself the “Music Mafia” hacked Drake’s Twitter account. The same group also released two of Kanye’s unreleased recordings on YouTube and are threatening to strike again. Music Mafia’s website is offering more un-released music for sale using the Bitcoin virtual currency. 

Music Mafia, after claiming responsibility for the leaks,  had been laying low until this week. The group hacked Drake’s Twitter account on June 2nd  and posted a link to their website. The Tweet was quickly deleted.

Then Music Mafia leaked Kanye’s new music. According to the hacker website they are in possession of  unreleased  “songs from artists recorded years ago” as well as new tracks and music videos. Music Mafia is also offering members of the public exclusive leaks. 

Music Mafia offered the unreleased tracks of Calvin Harris’ ‘Slide’, Future’s ‘Ransom’ and a few other songs. But are now threatening to release more music from Kanye, Maroon 5 and PartyNextDoor,  for payments in Bitcoin.

The hackers seem to be are offering the stolen cuts only after they collect an unknown number of Bitcoins. The thefts are being carried out by highly professional hackers who have done well covering their tracks.The Music Mafia website is registered in the Kingdom of Tonga. But that tiny country’s servers appear to be hosted in Iceland by a company specializing in secure and anonymous web hosting. The only way to get in touch with them is through the decentralized and encrypted Bitmessage communications platform.

Microsoft Jumps into the Weed Business

marijuana plant flowering

Marijuana plant flowering

Let’s face it, selling weed has always been big business. It is become more legitimate and has taken its place alongside alcohol as a legal intoxicant. At least it has in 24 states and that number is expected to grow. Why? Because it is no worse than alcohol and it delivers big tax bucks.

Now Microsoft is getting in on the ground floor of providing services to this budding industry (pun intended). Microsoft is working with Kind Financial a marijuana sales compliance company. According to  Kind’s website it provides “seed to sale software and financial technology.”



Kind-Financial-Logo-600x460Kind Financial offers; 

  • Agrisoft – Seed to sale software for cannabis tracking, compliance and operation management.
  • Kind Government Solutions – Technology and Consulting Services for government and regulatory agencies.
  • Link to BankingFinancial tools for institutions to service the cannabis industry.
  • KindPayCash free mobile pay and customer loyalty platform for the cannabis industry

Microsoft has given it partnership with Kind an official name. Its called the  “Microsoft Health and Human Services Pod for Managed Service Providers.” Microsoft and Kind are collaborating to provide local and state governments where weed is legal with technology to track and trace the  local legal marijuana market. 

But there is more to it than that.  Kind designs technology that monitors marijuana market activity to prevent the illegal trade of cannabis products throughout the supply chain. 

Legal weed for medical and party purposes has exploded in parts of the U.S. over the past several years. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have legalized the sale, possession and use of weed for whatever reason.

MicrosoftAzureKind, based out of Los Angeles, will support government cannabis monitoring programs by running their technology on Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud.



Breaking it Down

 That’s not weed you smell its money and vice versa. Why is Kind and Microsoft getting together? Money! Why are states legalizing weed for medical and other purposes? Money! Tax money! Colorado took in $70 million in marijuana taxes in 2015 alone. And that number is growing. And don’t let those elected jerks in Washington fool you. They are getting on the marijuana gravy train as well with a 70% tax on legal marijuana businesses. What they are really trying to do is shut down the legal weed businesses.  Won’t happen! Like they say, the genie is out of the bottle. This is a money making business that has come of age. There are simply far too many people who have or continue to smoke weed. They know the truth about the wacky weed and they know what it does to them just like drinkers do. Its too late for governments to turn back so they might as well get in on the party.