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App of the Week – WeFi Pro

wefiFree wifi is the cool drink of the Internet desert. Finding a reliable and convenient wi-fi hot spot when you are away from your usual surroundings is a blessing. That’s why WeFi Pro is the App of the Week.

Traveling can be stressful and sometimes you have to get online no matter what. Maybe for business reasons or just to soothe that Facebook withdrawal after being off line for too long. 

WeFi Pro features a database that claims to hold the location of several hundred million, yes I said several hundred of million, wifi hotspots all over the world. The app can show the user the best and most stable options in your current area. The user can also tag and identifying new hot spots  and blacklist others.

WeFi Pro works in the background, turning wifi off when it’s not needed and alerting you if there’s a better wifi connection than the one you are currently connected to. If you are on the go frequently and not familiar with the wifi networks in your immediate vicinity then you may want to check out Wefi Pro.

One last thing, regardless of where you find free wifi always stay secure and use a good VPN.

WeFi Pro is free and available for Apple and Android.

App of the Week – LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddyIt’s vacation season and that means you’ll be travelling. And travelling sometimes means airports, delayed or cancelled flights, long security lines and crowded gates during layovers. That’s why LoungeBuddy is the App of the Week.

LoungeBuddy shows you how to find and get into the best airports lounges. Lounges are no longer reserved for the first class passenger or the rich and famous. Depending on your destination and the airline LoungeBuddy will tell you which airport lounges are available to you, which are free, and which are open for a one-time fee you can pay at the door. App users can even see what the place looks like by taking a virtual tour of the lounge on their phone. If you are looking at a long layover or flight delay then this could be a nice investment in your comfort. You might want to add this into your travel budget. 

Some lounges can be absolutely luxurious with amentities like jacuzzis, showers, saunas, champagne and wine bars, facials, massages, pool tables, outdoor spaces, and gardens. Virgin Atlantic airline takes it to the next level by providing a music mixing studio at their Clubhouse at Heathrow airport, London.  These lounges can also be excellent places to be productive with plenty of free WiFi and quiet work spaces. And lets not forget the free drinks and snacks.

Many lounges have free access, especially if you use tricks or social engineering to get in. But LoungeBuddy lets you bypass that whole process and buy access on your phone, then walk right in. There are other ways to get in those luxury lounges, like having the right credit card, and that list can be found here.

LoungeBuddy is free and available  for Apple and Android.