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Online Holiday Shopping Series #3

Its the holidays and the one thing just about everybody will be doing this season is eating, drinking and shopping. African-Americans love a good holiday meal with friends and family. The only way to improve upon this holiday joy is to get the ingredients for a great meal for a substantial savings and possibly even get a little money back.

There are a lot of coupon apps available and all of them can help you save a few dollars on your holiday grocery shopping. What you have to understand is that some are easier to use than others. And some deliver more savings and bigger rebates than others. All these apps work a little differently from each other. To choose the best app consider your shopping habits and style and where you shop. These are some things you need to consider before you choose a shopping app.

  • Where you live should be considered before you select a shopping app. Different apps offer coupons at different stores. Some regional and national chains may offer their own shopping app. So consider an app that works in your area and in stores you normally shop. Making a good choice and having success using an app to get coupons will depend on the supermarkets in your area and your shopping list.
  • Paper coupons still rule. Don’t ignore your local newspaper or coupon flyer. Smartphone apps aren’t all about delivering digital deals. Sometimes they can help point out online or newspaper coupons that you have to print or clip. Consider that a lot of apps can deliver coupons to your email inbox.
  • Mobile coupons are similar to paper ones. Digital coupons, sometimes in the form of bar codes will help you save on the same products as paper ones will.
  • It pays to be loyal. Digital coupons often work very well when they are linked with your store loyalty cards. You can link the coupon to your card and get the savings when you scan at check out.

In this article we are going to highlight money saving grocery apps. Saving on groceries should be a key priority for black households every day and not just during the holidays. These apps can help you do exactly that.

Ibotta –  The Ibotta app provides rebates on many retail items at both national and regional grocery stores.

Once the app is downloaded the user will be asked to complete small tasks that provides the rebates. Unfortunately these tasks include watching videos, taking polls, playing trivia games, and learning facts about products. These tasks could save you as much 75 cents on items and change frequently. It can be a bit of a headache and inconvenience in my opinion. But it could pay off bigger than playing Candy Crush.

You can find offers of rebates on items such as milk, fresh meats, salad, frozen dinners, ground coffee, and even some generics.

Here is another thing about this app I am not a big fan of. After you do your shopping you verify purchases by uploading your receipt using your smartphone. Another way to verify your purchase is to link your grocery store card to the app. Basically its another way to collect information about your shopping habits, the things you buy regularly and where you buy them. Its not that great of an intrusion into your privacy since you have one of those grocery cards any way. Its just means you are sharing your info with a few more data collectors.

After you have earned $5 in rebates, you can have the cash transferred to a PayPal account and continue to accumulate the savings or you can use it to buy a gift card from various retailers. You can find the list of Ibotta Preferred Partners here.

Ibotta is available for Apple and Android devices.


Checkout 51 I call this the “checks-in-the-mail” app because of the way it delivers your savings. Checkout 51 works differently than Ibotta. Every Thursday morning this app offers a new list of 20 or so items. These offers include rebates on fresh produce like tomatoes, strawberries, and bananas. Best thing about it is there are no tasks to complete to get the discounts but you do have to upload your receipt to the app. You can shop at any store where the items are sold.  And when you reach that magic $20 mark in savings you get a check in the mail. Checkout 51 is available on Apple and Android devices.

ShopmiumMuch like Checkout 51 the Shopmium app offers rebates that can be redeemed at any store where the products are sold. Rebates range from 25 cents to more than a dollar. Like the other apps you have to verify your purchases by scanning the products bar code and uploading your receipt to the app. Your rebates are deposited into your PayPal or bank account and there is no minimum before you get your money.

Shopmium offers regular as well as exclusive offers to its users. According to the website, “Shopmium’s offers are only available to ours users: you won’t find them anywhere else and they’re the most advantageous on the market. They are private offers, available in every store the product is sold.” Shopmium is available on Apple and Android devices.

Cellfire – One of the cool things about this app is that it works by sending coupons directly to your loyalty cards. You just add your store loyalty card to the app.  Use the app to browse the available deals and tap on the ones you want. The deals are then saved to your store card and savings delivered at check out. It is almost effortless in the way it works. However easy this app is to use the one drawback is that the list of stores is limited. But count yourself lucky if there’s a store near you. This app is well worth it.

I give this app the privacy edge because you can use it without registering. But if you do register members get access to bigger, better deals. Another cool thing is on the website you can find both digital and printable coupons and you can have the coupons emailed to you. The app also offers a nice feature that allows you to get store alerts reminding you of coupons when you walk into a store. The app is available on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Coupons.com – Coupons.com is the big man on campus when it comes to grocery and everyday items. The listing of items on the home page seem to never end. A great benefit of this app is that it makes it easy to access the deals on the go. The app delivers a coupon in your e-mail to be printed. Your tablet or mobile device can also be used to print out coupons if you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and certain HP printers, or, and this is the most convenient, added to your store loyalty card to scan at checkout. For Apple technology owners this app has some special features. You can browse digital coupons from select retailers such as Old Navy and Petco then add those coupons to your Apple Passbook app. Just show you phone at checkout to get the savings. Coupons.com apps are available on Apple and Android devices.

Grocery IQNow here is a an app that can really be useful. Why? Because most people buy the same thing over and over again. We all have some brand we are loyal to and wouldn’t think of switching or even trying something else.  With Grocery IQ you begin by making your shopping list then saving it to the app. Grocery IQ  will match your list with applicable coupons. You get a few options to add items to your list. You can type them in, scroll through the master list and select them, scan a bar code, or speak them. This app shares the same data base with Coupons.com and you get them by printing them out or linking your loyalty card. But be prepared to spend some time getting it all set up. Available for Apple and Android devices.

SavingStarLogo – This app allows you to  register your loyalty cards then browse a list of exclusive offers. Some of the deals offer as much as $5 off and if you see something you like you just tap on the “I Want This” link  and scan you store card when you check out. But you won’t get any money off your purchase at the register. Instead the savings builds up in your SavingStar account. When you hit $5, you can select how you want your money from one of four options; bank deposit, PayPal deposit, Amazon gift card, or donation to conservation group American Forests. The app usually offers  about 30 deals at any time and works with lots of grocery chains, including A&P, Kroger, and Pathmark, as well as with CVS and Rite Aid.

You are  going to be buying a lot stuff this holiday season. You may eat too much but these will keep you from spending too much. But like so many other things worth having you have to do the work. These apps make that work a lot easier and can actually put some money in your pocket.

Now you know.



PoachIt Shopping App Shops Like You Do

I discovered an interesting new app that shops like people do. PoachIt is a shopping app that will chase down almost any product on over 5,000 retail websites, identify if the item is on sale or wait for it to go on sale and it does this twice a day. Founder Gidi Fisher says; “When people are browsing the web, they want to buy,” he says. “We want to make it easy for you to buy right now with a coupon, or, if you want to wait, we’re there for you, too.”

The app can also find coupons and tell you if the coupon can be used for the purchase or not. The technology is totally new according to Fisher and there is a patent pending. Fisher says that PoachIt has tested over 4 million coupon codes and found that 80% of them do not work. “Those sites force you into trial and error,” he says. “Without us, there’s a one in five chance you’d actually find a deal.”

Using the new app is pretty simple, shoppers can either download a Chrome extension or add the PoachIt button to their favorites menu. When they find  the “can’t resist, must have” product on a retailer’s website, they simply click the PoachIt button to either track the item until it goes on sale or seek out any coupons available.

I know a lot of black women who love to shop. And I also know at least two women who are excellent shoppers. I call them my discount divas. They are deadly serious about sniffing out sales or waiting for the right sale to pounce on something for a deeply discounted price. Considering their skills such an app would certainly give them an unfair advantage over other bargains hunters. If you love a sale then you need to read more about this app at Wired.com.

Now You Know.

Online Coupons Save Black Families Money


Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Back in the 80’s there was a rap song with some interesting lyrics.  It went like this, “Its All About Money Ain’t a Damn This Funny!” African-Americans know that’s real. And its not about how much money you make but how much you keep in your pocket. So I’m here to talk  about coupons that you can find on the Internet.

Black people need to understand how much money using coupons can save them. The simple fact is that black families can save as much as 50% a month on their grocery bill by using coupons. Do you need a better reason to start couponing?

Did you know the more coupons you use the more come your way. You know I complain constantly about corporate spying but here is an example where all that data benefits the African-American consumer. When you use coupons retailers become aware of this and begin to target you for more coupons. They may show up in your mail box, or in your email. Have you ever taken a good look at your store receipt? Check the back of it. A lot of great money saving coupons are printed on the back of your receipt. I saved $7 at a CVS pharmacy. My purchase went form $10.00 to $3.00 just by looking at the back of a receipt. I’m being real with you. The retailer’s objective is to get you back in the store to buy more. Your objective is to get what you want for less money. You can when this game by carefully selecting the coupons you need. Make sure you shop on the off days for the grocery store. Yes, some days are better than others when grocery shopping.  The best day for grocery shopping is Wednesday. Remember that.

Here is the best news, you don’t have to clip and cut coupons from a newspaper, but I suggest you do. You can use your smartphone to download coupons on the run. There a plenty of coupon and shopping apps that will save you money on everything from apples to gasoline to shoes. But you gotta be in the game! Saving money is very possible if you work at it. You can find the best coupon websites here. Now some of these sites will request an email address so they can email you printable coupons. Here is where a little of the work comes in. Set up special email account just for your grocery and shopping coupons. Then make a practice of checking it a couple of times a week before you do your “WEDNESDAY” grocery shopping.

Another good practice is to pull that smartphone out when you are in the store. I don’t care what store you’re in. Do a quick search on your smartphone for available coupons. You might be surprised what you find. For example, I was in an art store buying assorted supplies. I whipped out my iPhone and did quick search for the store coupons. I came upon a coupon for 50% off any one item. So I decided to use the coupon on the most expensive item resulting in a savings of $23.00. That’s $23.00 that stayed in my pocket when I walked out the store. I shared this information with two other black women who had found a coupon online for only 40% off. I save my sistahs another 10%.

Look, if you have a family they need to eat, they need clothes, school supplies, you need gas for the car and you need what you need. Start using the Internet for your benefit by searching for coupons wherever you happen to be shopping at the moment. Do it  before you get in line or while standing in line. But do it. Have them email you the coupons directly. Do it! Hold on to your money! Cause money ain’t funny!

Now you know.