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Online Holiday Shopping 2016 – Best Gift Card Sites


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There is a magical gift that, no matter what, is always exactly what the person wanted or needed. It is adaptable to any situation or occasion. This gift can be from the recipient’s favorite store or any store anywhere. And this gift can purchased for less than face value.  What is this super gift? The gift card of course!

One of the best gift cards to give is the reliable VISA ,MasterCard  or AmericanExpress Gift card. These three are perfect for gift giving because they can be used anywhere the credit cards are accepted and some are even re-loadable. How can you possibly go wrong when the gift card can buy anything from auto parts to nice dinners to clothing and jewelry. Using these cards as holiday gifts is a no brainer.

But should you have someone with particular tastes or if you know there is some place they get a special kick out of shopping then you can buy specific store gift cards. Almost every store provides gift cards and the top gift cards of 2016 can be found by clicking here.

And since this is the giving season lets look at the top gift cards sites. As I always say, “Black people don’t play when to comes to money!” So for African-Americans looking for the best deal on holiday gift cards there are a few sites you need to check out. These sites sell gift cards for below face value and these deals can save you some big money.

gift-card-granny-logoLets start with GiftCard Granny. The most amazing thing about GiftCard Granny is that you can actually download the Chrome extension and the apps for Apple and Android devices. GiftCard Granny offers over 150,000 gift cards from just about every store you can imagine and the discounts are nice. As much 20 percent off in some cases.  You can also sell your unused gift cards through the site. 



ebatesNext up is Ebates. This is another superstore of gift cards and they advertise discounts of up to 30 percent. And yes there  are thousands of stores and millions of cards to choose from. The deals are there but… You have to surrender your email address to even shop there. The site won’t even let you browse without surrendering some data. A definite turn off during the holiday season and good reason to move on to other gift card sites. 


raiseRaise.com is yet another excellent discount gift card website. This site lets the buyer shop using several parameters that include price, card type (physical or electronic),  and about twenty different categories of gift cards.  And if you are in Chicago you can check out the specials there as well. I am sure more cities will be offered soon. But trust me they have all of the major retailers  and hundreds of other specialty store and restaurants from Taco Bell to specialty steak houses. Right now it is also offering a new  sale section for additional discounts.


cardcashCardCash.com allows the user to buy and sell gift cards with awesome discounts.  And CardCash offers a 45 Day Buyer Protection Guarantee against those ever present holiday scam artists.  This site also allows you to search by physical or electronic cards and numerous different categories. You can find discount cards for hotel stays, restaurants, even frozen dinners. Here you can find gift cards discounted as much as 30 percent.


whizwalletWhizWallet.com offers discount cards from numerous different sites. According to their website they aren’t following the model that other sites use. Sites mentioned already buy and re-sell the gift cards. But WhizWallet compiles the inventory of the best discounted gift card sellers.  Using WhizWallet can help the customer find the right credit card, buy retail cards and discount cards. As always the selection is pretty expansive and you are bound to find the store you are looking for.


giftcardsGiftcards.com is another excellent gift card site that offers several different cards from various stores and providers. This site allows the user to even customize the gift card for special occasions. Y0u can get eGift cards delivered to your smartphone and again, every store is represented.

Holiday season is extremely busy and stressful for everyone. Trying to find the right gift for someone special can be a real headache.  But a gift card can definitely help. You literally have millions choices from stores to locations to type of gift. There are gift cards that allow you to give some special person a cruise or a vacation if you have that kind of money. May we suggest a Neiman Marcus Gift Card?

 But you may still need a little help. So WalletHub has released 2016’s Best Gift Card List  to help you choose. You can also check out their 10 Tips for Getting the Best Gift Card.

Finally, some people say that gift card are lazy gifts and seem impersonal. But research indicates 42 percent of Americans appreciate gift cards and cash over being mis-gifted. 

Walmart Says; Trade in that Gift Card!

America’s favorite store, Walmart, is taking trade ins. Walmart has teamed up with CardCash to launch a new Walmart-branded site  that allows consumers to trade in unused, partially used or unwanted gift cards. Every year gift cards by the tens of millions are given as gifts.  African-Americas are no more guilty than anybody else when it comes to taking the easy way out when it comes to gift buying.  And yes we love Walmart.

A report from MarketResearch.com  revealed that in 2014 the U.S. prepaid and gift card transaction value was projected to reach $247 billion. An 11 percent increase over 2013.

The new Walmart website, named walmart.cardcash.com, is now  being heavily promoted on the Walmart.com website. The trade in website was activated on Christmas day and offers up to 97 percent of the value of the original gift card. The site accepts cards from over 200 different retailers. Walmart seems to be targeting Amazon.com by offering as much as 95 percent in trade-in value for their cards. Other sites, such as the Gap for example, only garner 84 percent of their original value. A site that is intended to syphon off some of Amazon’s sales would not be a surprise since Walmart offered to match Amazon’s online prices during the holiday season. The exchange rate for card trade ins will fluctuate with market conditions. Conditions that impact the exchange rate include how many cards from similar retailers are being traded in and other factors.

The new service is simple to use. The consumer enters the merchant’s name on their card and the value. The website instantly makes an offer for the card that the consumer can either accept or reject. If they accept the offer they enter the full card number, PIN and other basic customer information. Walmart then emails a Walmart e-Card that can be used online or printed out and used at a local store.

There’s no minimum balance requirement so consumers can even exchange cards that have been used but still have a balance remaining on them.

Breaking It Down

Walmart did not get as big as they are without some smarts. It is obvious that they are fighting back against the big online retailers; think Amazon.com. But they also know that every year millions of gift cards go unused. In 2012 alone $2 billion dollars in gift cards went un-redeemed. Yeah, that’s billion with a capitol B! Walmart decided they wanted some of that easy cash floating around out there and this is how they decided to do it. As for the consumer how can you lose on this deal? What doesn’t Walmart have? And how often are you in the store? And how long have you had that $10 Jamba Juice gift card sitting in your wallet? Not much longer if Walmart can help it.