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ShearShare – App of the Week and Start-Up of the Year

ShearShare Founders Courtney and Tye Caldwell

Business success is about finding the sweet spot where supply meets demand. The right recipe mixing supply and demand creates opportunity. Thats is why ShearShare is the App of the Week and Start Up of the Year.

ShearShare is the brainchild of Courtney and Tye Caldwell. This ingenious couple created an app that allows barbers, beauticians, manicurist and stylist to find a space to work. An empty barber chair or hair station does not make money. But using ShearShare a shop owner can fill that spot and a barber or beautician can have a place to work, on demand.

ShearShare has exploded on the scene in 250 cities and in 11 countries and expanding to another 32 cities. ShearShare plans to be in every state where booth rentals are allowed by June of 2017. ShearShare was named Tech.co Start-Up of the Year for 2016.

One of things that makes this app so powerful is the fact that it solves a problem by using technology to address a changing industry. Stylists were no longer renting space for very long. Many stylist became more transient. This is where supply and demand became genius for this Texas couple.

Tye is the owner of  Salon74 by Tye.  Calls came into his Plano, TX salon from stylists seeking to borrow a seat in his salon for a day or two. These calls came in from local stylists and out of state. A good stylists or barber is hard to find and the good ones have dedicated and loyal clients. But people move. And smart stylists wanted to continue to service their clientele. Let me give you an example; former President Barack Obama flew his barber in from Chicago every two weeks.  Short term rental of salon space was not an industry practice but it was a good idea.

Tye saw the opportunity. “We were still trying to fill our empty salon suites the old way, by having stylists sign long-term contracts,” said Tye. “But we soon realized that we could make some money on our space rather than none. We said ‘let’s try it out, it can’t hurt.’ Then it kept happening over and over again. We were manually matching stylists to salons at first, but at state number 5, we thought there had to be something out there to scale this. There has to be an app for that.”

The result of this action lead to the creation of an app that allows mobile and home beauticians an opportunity to work for their clients in a professional setting while at the same time creating revenue for the shop owner.

ShearShare is available for Android and Apple devices.


App of the Week – Life Pocket

Inspiration is a powerful force. Understanding a problem and how it impacts you and those you love is even more inspirational. One teenager from Kenya possessed this inpiration and understanding and used it to make a change in the world. That is why Life Pocket is the App of the Week.

The Kenyan teenager we speak of is Caroline Wambui. Wambui was deeply affected by the loss of her uncle to kidney failure. No one in Carolines’s family was a match for a donation. There is also a cultural taboo against organ donation in Kenya. The country, like so many other African nations, does not have a national organ donor program.

Caroline Wambui with smartphone

Kenyan’s and other Africans die needlessly because of the lack or a donor database. Many others are forced into extremely dangerous organ markets.

But fortunately Kenya has a robust technology program that is bringing technology education to schools. The Kenyan government has instituted a laptops for schools policy. Contributions from numerous multi-nationals and local startups are working to improve Kenya’s educational system by introducing technology.

Caroline, because of this effort, used her education in technology to find a solution to the problem that led to her uncle’s death. It took two years but this young lady created the app Life Pocket.

The Life Pocket app registers and links patients with organ donors, doctors and hospitals for the purpose of making life saving organ donations possible.

Damaris and Caroline working on the app in a computer lab at the Embakasi Girls School.  (Photo by Guillaume Bonn/ Getty Images Assignment for intel)

Life Pocket  was just a dream until Damaris Mutati, Caroline’s teacher at the Embakasi Girls Secondary School became involved. Mutati introduced technology to her students. She understands that technology education is vital to the young people of the African continent.

Caroline enlisted the help of her fellow students to develop Life Pocket. Mutati demonstrated a burning passion for tech education. She participated in two programs run by U.S. chipmaker Intel in Kenya. Intel’s programs, Teach, and She Will Connect, assisted teachers seeking to introduce IT knowledge to African children.

But Intel did not stop there. The company’s staff volunteered to teach a coding workshop at Caroline’s school introducing the students to Intel XDK a unified development environment that enabled the students to design, create, test and deploy HTML5 apps.

Because of the efforts of Mutati and the involvement of multi-national corporations like Intel technology education has taken hold in Kenya and across Africa. One student, Caroline Wambui, has already changed the world because of it.

App of the Week – Register To Vote

register-to-voteThe presidential election is just over a month away. And the bottom line is that the black vote is more important than ever. So “GET YO BLACK ASS OUT AND VOTE!”

Registering to vote should be easy and simple in the world’s greatest democracy. But as black people we know that is not the case and its made that way deliberately. That is why Register To Vote is the App of the Week.

Register To Vote is intended to take some of the hassle out of this process by offering an app that scans your state ID, verifies your information and sends it to the relevant state to get you registered in a few seconds. Three simple steps.

The truth about voting is glaring and racist. As black people you are not wanted in the election process. And its a disgrace that so many of use play right along! America is the technological capital of the world and yet state after state simply refuses to use technology to register and verify voters. So far the registration process has only been simplified for voters in California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts the few states with online voter registration.


In other states blatant efforts have been made to exclude blacks and other minorities from voting. One North Carolina’s judge described the efforts of GOP legislators to limit black voting by saying, “Although the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision, they constitute inapt remedies for the problems assertedly justifying them and, in fact, impose cures for problems that did not exist.”

Register to Vote is supported by Actor Samuel L. Jackson who is a staunch advocate of voting rights. 

Register to Vote has one flaw. It is only available for Apple. That means that it will certainly attract younger voters but older voters, those less likely to own an iPhone and less likely to vote, won’t get the app.

But that is no excuse for not voting! Consider how may black people died trying to secure the vote.

The United State Election Assistance Commission has a website that shows you where and how in your state to register to vote. You can also go to Vote.gov.




App of the Week – Jasmine’s Playroom

Jasmine's PlayroomEducating your children is a parent’s prime responsibility after food and clothing. Our children are growing up in a smaller and more multi-cultural world. Speaking a second language can give black children a key advantage in school and eventually the job market. That is why Jasmine’s Playroom is the App of the Week.

Jasmine’s Playroom is a Spanish language learning app for children. Learning a second language can be fun and this app sparks your child’s interest by making it fun and easy. The app is designed to engage the child in a story that immerses them in the language.

The child is invited into the story by Jasmine and her mother, characters in the story. Your child sees how the mother and child interact before and after each lesson. Lesson’s include learning Spanish alphabet sounds, vocabulary, number and colors.

Too often learning apps are nothing more than advertising vehicles aimed at our children, not so with Jasmine’s Playroom. Parents can rest easy because the app is advertising free and there are no in app purchases.

rodrick warren shayla warren

Rodrick and Shayla Warren, Creators and Developers of Mi Hija Jasmine App Series

Special Note: The AACR  is proud to declare Jasmines’s Playroom as the App of the Week. The app was created and developed by Rodrick and  Shayla Warren, an African-American couple. There no greater service to a black child from a parent than an education. Using technology in the process is vital. We live in a technology age and black children need those skills to survive and thrive in the future workplace. Special thanks and shout out to Rodrick & Shayla Warren.

Jasmine’s Playroom is $2.99 and available for Google, Apple and on Amazon Apps.



App of the Week – WeFi Pro

wefiFree wifi is the cool drink of the Internet desert. Finding a reliable and convenient wi-fi hot spot when you are away from your usual surroundings is a blessing. That’s why WeFi Pro is the App of the Week.

Traveling can be stressful and sometimes you have to get online no matter what. Maybe for business reasons or just to soothe that Facebook withdrawal after being off line for too long. 

WeFi Pro features a database that claims to hold the location of several hundred million, yes I said several hundred of million, wifi hotspots all over the world. The app can show the user the best and most stable options in your current area. The user can also tag and identifying new hot spots  and blacklist others.

WeFi Pro works in the background, turning wifi off when it’s not needed and alerting you if there’s a better wifi connection than the one you are currently connected to. If you are on the go frequently and not familiar with the wifi networks in your immediate vicinity then you may want to check out Wefi Pro.

One last thing, regardless of where you find free wifi always stay secure and use a good VPN.

WeFi Pro is free and available for Apple and Android.

App of the Week – Seateroo

SeaterooFlying sucks! You have to damn near get naked to get through security and the service and leg room sucks aboard the plane. And who hasn’t sat next to an overly talkative old women, a screaming kid or the fat sweaty guy who forget to shower. You would gladly pay to trade seats with anybody. That’s why Seateroo is the App of the Week.

Seateroo lets you buy a better seat or sell your seat before or during the flight to get away from the mess in the seat next to you. The app works by letting unhappy flyers  pay for a better seat. Selling your seat can save you some money on your plane ticket but remember the seat you sold maybe be better than the seat you get in return. 

After downloading the app passengers can post their flight information, seat number and asking price, and wait for the offers. Those looking to buy a better seat simply enter their preferred seat, aisle or window, exit row, front or rear, and see what’s available. Money is exchanged electronically with Seateroo taking a 15 percent cut. 

Seateroo reminds passenger using the app that while airline tickets and boarding passes are not transferable, “there are no government rules that prohibit seat swaps.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that the airline and the FAA will have the last word on seat assignments especially when it comes to exit row seating and the responsibilities that come with it. A flight attendant may nix your sale if she is not comfortable with the person sitting by the emergency exit. And there may be other FAA regulations that come into play. 

Seateroo is free and available only for Apple.


App of the Week – Laundry Day

Laundry DayNothing is more frustrating than trying to decipher those mysterious washing instruction tags on garments. What do those symbols mean? What is worse is that you know that making a mistake will ruin the clothes and send your hard earned money down the drain. That is why Laundry Day is the App of the Week.

The world has become a global market place and its likely your new silk blouse or cashmere sweater was imported. And that goes for many of the clothes we wear in the U.S. So when you look at that laundry tag you gonna ask, WTF?! But here is a bit of useless trivia that suddenly becomes useful. There is an internationally recognized dictionary of laundry symbols published by the TextileLearner. Its a dictionary not a Bible. We found a lot of symbols that were not listed there. 


The Laundry Day app works by using image recognition technology that automatically sees, deciphers and provides the user with a translation of the information. You could consider this app an investment or insurance policy against destroying clothes that are not supposed to be dry cleaned or washed with dark colors that bleed. Yeah; we have all done that!

Laundry Day costs $1.19 and is available only on Apple.


App of the Week – Capitan

CapitanKeeping a grocery list can be a hassle. And many grocery apps are helpful but you can still forget things. But what if your grocery app could learn your shopping habits product preferences? That is why Capitan is the App of the Week.

Capitan is a grocery list app that possesses a form of artificial intelligence that can help you by learning how and where you shop and what you buy.

Capitan’s simplistic interface allows the user to create and share shopping lists with family members or roommates. It can learn where the products are in the store  to make your trip to the store more efficient. The app has the ability set up notifications when you are near a store you normally shop at or alert you if something from your current shopping list is being sold. These notifications can also be sent to the users smartwatch.

Capitan is free and available for Apple and Android.


App of the Week – OneRx

OneRxMedicine is expensive. Whether you have insurance or not the price of prescription drugs can be astronomical. That is why OneRx is the App of the Week.

Why are prescription drugs so expensive. Because drug companies spend billions of dollars and years researching and testing new drugs. Sometimes only to have the Food and Drug Administration deny them the the right to sell it. There is always the chance of a massive lawsuits from unforseen side effects. Creating a new drug is a gamble. If approved for use by the FDA, the drug company has the right to recoup their investment plus profits over a period of time usually years. Only then does the generic equivalent hit the market.

Generic drugs are the biochemical equivalent of a name brand drug and even though they are the same drug they sell for much, much less than brand name drugs. According to the Food and Drug Administration generic drugs save the consumer $8 to $10 billion dollars a year in retail sales.

Black people still struggle to pay for much needed medications. Research shows that people of color are twice as likely to be without medical insurance than white Americans. According to the NAACP;

  • 18% of African Americans under 65 years are without health insurance coverage.
  • Over 103 million people of color nationwide suffer disproportionately in the health care system
  • A larger share of African Americans and Latinos lack a usual place of health care, and they are less than half as likely as whites to have a regular doctor.

One Rx has a way to help. OneRx combines coupons and insurance discounts to figure out how little a person has to spend on medication. The app allows the user to know the price of the medication before the doctor writes the prescription. This is especially helpful if you find your insurance doesn’t cover the medicine prescribed.

The best thing about this app is that it works even if you don’t have insurance.

OneRX takes the users insurance card information that is submitted by picture or input by hand. It then combines how much your insurance will pay with available coupons then tells you what pharmacies can give you that price. If you are having trouble paying for prescription drugs you can find more help here.

OneRX is free and available for Apple and Android devices.


App of the Week – Starbucks


logo-starbucksWho doesn’t love Starbucks? What a company! Millions and millions of people line up everday all day to pay $4 for a cup of coffee. America is addicted to coffee and that’s why Starbucks is the App of the Week.

The Starbucks app has been around for a long time. But in all honesty it really didn’t do much beside keeping track of your card balance or locating a store. Like you really can’t find a Starbucks?

Starbucks has updated their app with the ability to order food or your favorite $7 Vente, dark roast, double shot, soy milk, blended, America-machiatto thing! Or perhaps something from their secret menu? You can send that order in advance to your local Starbucks allowing you to skip that morning line that’s out the door and about to make you late for work.

If you spend a month’s rent, every month, on Starbucks coffee then you probably already have the old app. So you can simply download the new app and use your log in credentials to update it. You can also link a card or a Starbucks gift card to the new app.

Now you can step out of the shower, place you order and pay for it right through the app at over 7,000 Starbucks stores and 2,500 Target and Safeway Starbucks. It’ll be ready when you get there. The app also remembers your frequent orders and customizations.

Other features include,

  • Leave a digital tip on purchases in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Register for My Starbucks Rewards or manage your  account if you already have one. Earn stars with each payment, track them and redeem your rewards.
  • Send Starbucks eGift Cards for special occasions, or just because  in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

The app is free and available for Apple and Android devices.