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Breach Brief – Newkirk Solutions, Bon Secours

The largest data breach of 2016 so far has hit a data server operated by Albany, N.Y. based Newkirk Products. Newkirk Products is a third-party vendor providing health insurance ID cards for the health care industry. According to Newkirk the breach was discovered on July 6th but actually occured on May 21st. Newkirk shut down […]

How the Cloud Improves Internet Security

Convenience, economy and improved workforce productivity are just some of the benefits that are emerging as the result of cloud computing. And, despite some initial concerns regarding the security of cloud computing, discussions about the cloud at many companies are no longer asking whether they should move, but why they have not yet done so. […]

App of the Week – mRelief

Why, in the richest country on earth, are people still going hungry? According to Feeding America 25 – 40 percent of food grown, processed and transported in the U.S. will never be eaten. This food is often thrown out as leftovers or destroyed because it is simply not pretty enough for the grocery store.  That is […]

Celebrity Cyber Report – Rihanna Bans Pokemon at Her Concerts.

Seems everyone is going nuts for Pokemon. The game has become an worldwide phenomenon and people are basically losing their minds over the game.  Some people have been robbed and even killed playing Pokemon Go. The craze has gotten so bad that a Pittsburgh hospital has contacted the makers of the game to ask that […]

Obama Issues Cyber Response Directive

President Obama has sealed his legacy as not only America’s first African-American president but also America’s first cyber president. No president before has overseen the development of internet initiatives and cyber warfare capabilities as President Obama. To add to that legacy President Obama has issued a new Presidential Policy Directive; the United States Cyber Incident […]

App of the Week – Blink Health

The greatest travesty of living in America is the cost of health care.  Far too many people simply suffer because that can’t afford to see a doctor or pay for medication. Even with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) many black people are still uninsured. According to the Pew Charitable Trusts  over half of  all African-Americans, 55 […]

Lenny App Introduces Credit to Millennials

Lenny is a new financial app that will offer credit lines of up to $10,000 to millennials and report their payment activity to credit bureaus to build their credit history.  A millennial is considered a person who reached adulthood around the year 2000. Lenny is designed to modernize credit for millennials.  As a demographic millennials lack credit […]

Celebrity Cyber Report – Leslie Jones Target of Racist Twitter Trolls

Racist Twitter trolls targeted comedienne Leslie Jones and other female cast member of the new “Ghostbusters” movie. Jones, the only black cast member, and her fellow white cast mates have suffered months of harsh criticism since the remake of the popular 80’s movie was announced. Jones has finally showed her frustration and anger at the attacks. […]

Cellphones and Streaming Media Capture Police Shooting of Black Men

Philando Castile was shot and killed by police. It took only minutes for the images of the aftermath of the shooting to be come real world news thanks to Facebook’s live streaming function.  Welcome to the age of new, instant, media. Diamond Reynolds captured the horrifying aftermath of the shooting using her cellphone as her boyfriend […]

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